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The county assessor serves a 4-year elected term and must be certified by successfully passing an examination before filing for office.  The exam is conducted by the Nebraska Property Tax Administrator.  Certificate-holders must maintain continuing education hours, as prescribed by the Property Tax Administrator, during each four-year term.

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Sales Information

Real estate transfer books are maintained with minimal information.

Forms 521 (Also Available in the Register of Deeds Office) in book-page order are available for viewing at the counter. 

Supplemental information and property records will be printed upon request allowing adequate time for production at a cost of 25¢ per record.

Property Records Available Upon Request

Mail:  25¢ per record plus postage and handling.

In Person: 25¢ per record.

Large Volume Production: Must be paid for prior to printing

  • Large Volume Production must be requested in writing
  • No charge to property owners for their own records
  • Minimal Property Record Information will be emailed at NO Cost
  • Limited to 3 records per week for each individual
  • Large Volume requests will not be emailed
  • Assessment Records will not be faxed

Important Filing Dates

Report CRP, CREP & EQIP and any other program enrollment acres to the County Assessor by March 1 for assessment during current year

  • Personal Property: January 1 - May 1
  • Homestead Exemption: February 1 - June 30
  • Taxable Status Protest: By April 1
  • Valuation Protest: June 1 - June 30
  • Severed Minerals Request: By January 1
  • Separate Improvements Request: By March 1
  • Special Valuation: By June 30
  • Permissive Exemptions (Religious,Charitable): By December 31

Average Property Tax per Acre, Agricultural Land

Dundy  County Average Property Tax per acer - Agricultural Land

Note: Acres are 2018 count. Taxes estimated, based on average tax rate of 1%. Averages are mathematical products for demonstration purposes only.

Irrigated Crop

  • Total Acres: 118,197.09
  • Total Value: $383,474,744
  • Average Value per Acre: $3,244
  • Average Tax Per Acre: $32.44

Dryland Crop

  • Total Acres: 95,115.30
  • Total Value: $118,223,858
  • Average Value per Acre: $1,243
  • Average Tax Per Acre: $12.43


  • Total Acres: 362,674.28
  • Total Value: $197,926,103
  • Average Value per Acre: $545
  • Average Tax Per Acre: $5.45

Total Property Records

  • Residential: 927
  • Commercial: 212
  • Recreational: 6
  • Ag Home & Outbuilding Sites: 984
  • Agricultural Land: 2,437
  • Operating Minerals: 190
  • Exempt (Government, Religious, Charitable, Cemetary, etc.): 167
  • TIF (Tax Increment Financing: 2

Taxable Value by Property Type

Each year the county assessor develops the valuation of real property based upon sales analyses of all three major property types.  Values are reported to the Nebraska Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division (PAD) by March 19.  The level of value and the quality of assessment is measured by the PAD.  The Property Tax Administrator reports all measurement statistics to the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC).  TERC may order the county assessor to adjust property class or property subclass values by a percentage after due notice of a show cause hearing.  The county assessor must comply with TERC orders in a timely manner and mail valuation change notices to property owners by June 1.  PAD audits assessment records to verify that TERC orders have been implemented.  Possible consequences for noncompliance include, but are not limited to, the assessor’s certificate being revoked for a period of five years.

Sales occurring within specific date ranges per property type are studied each year. These statistics are available and posted by June 1 each year. The 2018 values were developed and compared to sales as follows:

Agricultural Land

  • Beginning Sale Date: 10/01/14
  • Ending Sale Date: 09/30/17
  • Median Ratio Target: 75%
  • Appropriate Range: 69% - 75%
  • Dundy County 2018 Ratio: 75%

Commercial Property

  • Beginning Sale Date: 10/01/14
  • Ending Sale Date: 09/30/17
  • Median Ratio Target: 100%
  • Appropriate Range: 92% - 100%
  • Dundy County 2018 Ratio: 100%

Residential Property

  • Beginning Sale Date: 10/01/15 
  • Ending Sale Date: 09/30/17
  • Median Ratio Target: 100%
  • Appropriate Range: 92% - 100%
  • Dundy County 2018 Ratio: 93%

Note: Insufficient number of Commercial Sales for reliable analysis in 2018. 

Other Property Types

  • Personal Property: Income producing machinery, equipment, tools, etc. Finalized by July 1
  • Centrally-Assessed Property: Railroads, public service companies. Finalized by August 10. Available by August 20

Personal Property and Real Property Tax Lists are completed by the county assessor and delivered to the county treasurer, with a warrant commanding the treasurer to collect the tax, by November 22 each year.